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Some suggestions

1. Generate your password safely and quickly
Choose the type of password you prefer.

2. Copy and save the password you just generated in a safe place that only you know.

3. Change your password frequently to avoid hacker attacks.

4. Use secure passwords also for your Wifi network.

5. Never share your password with anyone.

6. Never use the same password on multiple registrations.

7. Enter your passwords only on the websites SSL certificate (HTTPS://).


Generate your secure strong password and change it! dont let hackers violate your privacy!

Generate your password with one click: does not save any password generated in any database. It is very important to safeguard your online and offline security to have different passwords for each type of access or registration that is performed on the web, therefore NEVER use the same password for multiple registrations.

Different types of secure passwords: Use secure passwords such as the numeric password 0-9, letters a-z or A-Z and special characters (example: # $ @) and don't forget that a fairly secure password contains at least 12 characters. The most secure password is generated with all the above parameters.


Basic rules for a secure password - A secure password must not be short, it must not contain a common name or a numerical sequence. It must not contain your date of birth or a name of family member, it must not contain in any way words that may be inherent to your favorite hobby or to your favorite team. These passwords are easily identified by any hacker attacks, allowing them to violate your privacy or even take possession of your bank accounts.

 Hackers - Violation of personal data
Hackers are people who try to violate your passwords by doing so they can enter and steal your personal data such as: credit cards, confidential information, home, photos and private documents.
Therefore, a hacker is not necessarily a computer professional, but he could also be an acquaintance of yours.


"A secure password,
as long as it is secret."

Cit. Bill Gate

There is a real black market for stolen personal data, any data relating to the privacy of any user can be easily resold anonymously.

You are wondering now, what is the information that an ill-intentioned can sell on the black market? Every single data has a cost to itself, for example: A hacker who gets hold of all your data can make purchases with your credit card, access your bank accounts, get photos, videos or confidential files on your PC , all easily sold on the dark web.

Another example, reselling your Social profiles, yes, your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles also have a very large value on the black market, the price obviously depends on the popularity of the account and therefore on the followers you have in the profiles.

  1. SECURITY - it is very important to keep your passwords safe, attacks by hackers who steal social network accounts, bank accounts, your identity or private files that can literally destroy a person's life or a company.
  2. VULNERABILITY- Never use weak and common passwords such as: qwerty123, 123456, abcdefgh, mamma123, yourname123 etc. secure passwords are of this kind: GmubRluQhSFt> FcrAkqoR5RhP5> E4f%), oebhargwvailbcrhduwgfhczaxszcafq.
  3. Wi-Fi - Through WIFI connections it is possible to identify the passwords that are entered while surfing the internet, it is therefore always better NOT to enter your passwords if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Do not share your home or office internet connection password with strangers.

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